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●Vocaloid Related Communities on Facebook and WebsitesEdit

【Vocaloid関連のFacebook コミュニティーやWebsiteと動画のサポート】

Some Caution to creators and FansEdit

According to Google+ related to YouTube
>[Amazing things are all around us but most people never find them.]

It is very difficult to find videos and illustrations by Vocaloid fan even several year sitting after upload. It was found that over 95% of video were just sitting without any kind of major activity.

Thus, proper promotion is critical for creator before become relatively famous and get enough supporters.

●Vocaloid Related Communities on FacebookEdit

Here is some examples of Vocaloid Related Communities on Facebook.

Your can post your video and interesting video, illustrations and other topics by keeping community rules. Usually, too sexual, violence or spam post are prohibited, such kind of post usually cause problem to Admins to repair website by finding and taking time to maintenance.

You can search many communities by key word searching. Then, you can find out about matching with your interest and needs.

How to Find Groups
by key word



Next Nest PV Hatsune Miku 初音ミク ネクストネスト VOCALOID English Subs in CC Latest Edition 最高画質版 1080p

Next Nest PV Hatsune Miku 初音ミク ネクストネスト VOCALOID English Subs in CC Latest Edition 最高画質版 1080p

By White / Panda

By White30Pa (White)
Facebook: (Panda)
Nico Nico Video (Click here →:

Hatsune Miku and Vocaloid related communities on FacebookEdit

●Relatively big English communities

Hatsune Miku (community)
36,729 Members

mikudatabase (community)
12,449 members

☆彡Vocaloid World Official Group☆彡
Members · 12,077

Vocaloid..... (community)
19,289 Members

-VOCALOID- (community)
10,548 members

Hatsune Miku and Vocaloids Music Videos (初音ミク) 7,914 Members

Miku Hatsune Is My Idol {Fans} Members · 7,524

SAVE MIKU 初音ミクを助けます!

●Non-English communities but still OK to put English post due to automatic translation and English understandable peoples.

初音ミク-台灣Voca同好會♪ (Hatsune Miku Taiwan Vocaloid community)
11,303 members

Vocaloid俱樂部 (Vocaloid club community)
14,994 Members

●Middle size communities The OTAKU WORLD of Hatsune Miku Group (anime, manga and videogames)
3.8K members

Hatsune Miku (New group, active)
552 Members

It's Vocaloid Time
1,307 members

Vocaloids Music and Videos (ボーカロイド)
2,702 Members

●Relatively small or new communities

I Adore Goddess Hatsune Miku


185 members

GUMI and Vocaloid related communities on FacebookEdit

GUMI Official (community/account)

Gumi Megpoid (community)
104,700 people followers

[Google+] Vocaloid Communities (YouTube related)Edit

This community directly or indirectly linked to YouTube.

You can search by key words such as following to find communities.





and some other key words

P.S. We are not sure about Using Google+ communities.

34,172 members
Hatsune Miku ❤

J-Pop, Anime Music and Vocaloids

202,538 members
A group for sharing Japanese music ^___^

36,241 members

Welcome to the Vocaloid world

17,156 members

Hatsune Miku-Vocaloid Fan Club
5,830 members

vocaloid fanclub
14,520 members

21,699 members

●Middle size communities

Hatsune Miku Fan Club
4,953 members

2,845 members
- Public
🔰Hatsune Miku🔰
❤Hatsune Miku❤

Anime + Vocaloid + Manga
6,750 members

●Relatively small or new communities

Gumi Megpoid
416 members

Rlatevely Japanese langage community

¡Amo a Gumi! es mi Vocaloid favorita, ¡espero que os guste!

GUMI is love GUMI is life

Example of making account page on Google +

neutrino P
134 followers - I simply love to make anime style music ^^

Traditional big international Vocaloid communities and Websites in English.Edit

Vocaloid Wiki has good links to other related big community for English user

Forum:Directory: Websites and Vocaloid communities

Help:Video and audio hosting servicesEdit

You can find more on Official websites and Unofficial websites

VocaVerse Network (VVN)

●If you posting illustration, showing links of URL address of ORIGINAL illustrator's webpage and illustrators Name is highly recommended for enhancements of further creation by others and introduction of original illustrators arts. It is the main concept of [Creation of Chain] in Vocaloid area.

If there is no ORIGINAL URL address link sourse, it is not possible to find out original illustrator to use in future creation.  Even simply not shown in recent post, Facebook, Twitter and other still keeping the original post for simple search function.

●Please make sure to learn enough skill to use Facebook.

References and Memo

Forum:Directory: Websites and Vocaloid communities

Where can I find an active vocaloid community?