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How to get permission from ProducerEdit


After finding of original Producer, please contact to producer by sending e-mail or other methods.

Please understand that many Japanese Producer may not use high level English.

It is very important to ask whether English is OK to use.

It is very important to use simple English at initial step.

It may also very helpful to use simple Japanese and English for initial communication.

You can use our assistant pages for making contact as listed bottom and other pages.

Please understand the meaning of secondary use.

The meaning of Secondary use is secondary creation to add some creative artwork.

However, all permission we be determined by original creator/Producer.

In general, simple coping and re-uploading may not permitted by original Producer.

Please indicate to original Producer that proper credits may be added after secondary creation.

You need to find the condition of secondary use which is determined by original Producer. If it is not listed, you need to ask to the Producer.

Some producer need to contact before secondary use. Some producer need to contact JUST AFTER the secondary use. (Just after finishing to make Website for secondary use.)

You can not simply copy and re-upload video. Then, saying "if there is problem for original Producer, I will delete video". (In this case, please ask original Producer for permission.)

Please understand that original Producer may want to upload their original video in YouTube at laterEdit

If other person do copying and re-uploading without permission, original Producer can not upload video at later.

It is HIGHLY recommended to contact original Producer to say Hi.Edit

Simple copying and re-uploading video without saying Hi is worse case according to the investigation report of SAVE MIKU.

Appendix (備考)Edit

For International Creators and Fandom 【国際的に活動されるPさん、クリエイター及びファンの為のページ】

Example of Secondary use and Permission 【二次創作利用と許可条件の例と説明】

Instruction for Secondary Use 【二次創作利用の手引き】

Instruction for Making Guidelines for Secondary Use 【二次創作利用のための、ガイドライン作成の手引き】

Information of Copyright and Credits 【作品の著作権者とクレジットに関する情報をまとめるページです】

{{ #NewWindowLink: | Vocaloid fans communication assistance (VFCA)}}Edit
The purpose of the website is communication assistance of Vocaloid user and fans.

There are format of Japanese and English letter related to Vocaloid.

E-mail format for the application of secondary use to Japanese creators.

[Help getting permission from Original Producer for re-upload to Youtube after secondary use]
[Help to get permission from Original Producer for translation of video]

You can also write comment for some help for the international communication.
{{ #NewWindowLink: | Discussion in basic English}} 【英語初級で雑談&相談】Pさんも是非'】⇔Visit First