How to find 3D CG software.

If you are interested in making 3D model structure, there are some free software.
You can make and modify accessory file [x file] also for your own.
Then, you can bring to MMD or PMD editor.
Metasequoia is shown WIndows100% and MMD starter Pack.

Hove you ever used 3D CG soft?
Inital step may difficult to make complicated structure for initial one month.

Metasequoia (mpo file and other)

MetasequoiaLE R2.4(free edition is LE) download

Metasequoia tutorial video

Metasequoia tutorial video

3Dでキャラクターを作ってみよう! 第10回 サンプル01 (making 3D model character, amine like) (JP tutorial)

simple tutorial in JPN

Metasequoia tutorial Website in ENglish

Metasequoia tutorial 6 part1 by ~lelu on deviantART

How to Make a Metasequoia Model into PMD (for MMD)

blender (free)
I still did not have a time to use. Just downloaded.

Features & Gallery
in Japanese and image