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How to delete or change unwanted video of my song.Edit


To prevent or reduce problem (トラブル予防ページ)Edit

If your original song or PV is uploaded by other user into other Website, it may possible to ask for change.

Original Producer of the song may able to ask for change.



In YouTubeEdit

Please contact the user account holder who uploaded the video using your song directly by using PM (personal message) of YouTube account.

(適切な二次利用も含めて、あなたの楽曲などをアップロードしているアカウント所持者に、YouTubeのPM(パーソナル メッセージ)を利用して、連絡を送受信する方法があります。)

You need to make YouTube account to send PM.

You may need to make Google account to open YouTube account.

Please try to write in English and Japanese in order to be read internationally.


You can also use following pages to help writing in Japanese and English as written bottom.

You can also attach following page to summarize information and enhance contact efficiency.

Information of Copyright and Credits 【作品の著作権者とクレジット情報をまとめるページです】

Information of Deletion : Format to report deletion or copyright

You can add letter of user name to following URL.

If you want to delete YOUR promotion video (PV) which was made by you and re-uploaded by other user, you can contact.

If you want to delete other person's promotion video (PV) in which YOUR original song was used and uploaded by other user, you can contact.

You can ONLY able to ask for deletion of the video of YOUR original song.

You can NOT ask for deletion of the video of other person's original song in which you do not have the copyright.

It is also very helpful for other user to make YOUR permission guideline for secondary use.

Here is some example:

Asking deletion of video to YouTubeEdit

If there is no response from other uploader, you may able to ask for deletion of video to YouTube.

If there is not proper response from other uploader, you may able to ask for deletion video to YouTube.

However, you MUST have a copyright of the song and/or PV.

You can NOT ask for deletion if you do NOT have a copyright of the song or PV.

CAUTION 注意警告Edit



If you ask for deletion with wrong/ fales information, you may be subject to regal crime.

such as 私文書偽装、

such as 損害賠償請求

such as police に通報される場合がありました。

This caution is also listed in YouTube. この注意書きと警告は、YouTubeにも記載されています。

You Tubeの説明にある通り、これは申告者の国の法律に照らされる法的文書。 偽造すれば、ほとんどの国で、犯罪になる。 警察への第三者通報が可能。

Writing the name is considered as your official signature. You Tube に対して著作権侵害を申し立てるには、実際の署名か、それをスキャンしたもの、または有効な電子署名が必要。


地域設定が「日本」の場合 書類に署名する。 通知をメールでお送りいただく場合、実際の署名をスキャンしたものか有効な電子署名によることができます。

私は、本状に記載されている情報に偽りがなく、著作物の使用において著作権の侵害を申し立てる著作権所有者であること、また法的な独占権を有していることを誓います。 Copyright Infringement Notification

米国著作権法第 512 条 (f) に基づき、コンテンツおよび行為が著作権侵害であることを、故意に重要事項について事実と異なって告げると、損害賠償責任を問われる場合があります。 虚偽の申し立てをしないでください。

CAUTION and Advice to claimer who delete videoEdit


Video List to Delete or Warn 【削除又は警告予定の動画のリスト】

Video List to Delete or WarnEdit


If you are going to delete Vocaloid video by the official claim through YouTube, please write following to prevent misunderstanding by us and other peoples.Edit

If you are going to warn or advice the owner of video account, please also use this form to prevent many problems.Edit

通常の視聴者、SAVE MIKUの動画監視や、その他の方々の情報網や報告により、不審な動画削除として、理解されて騒ぎになる場合がありますので、正当と思われる削除申請の場合は、御記載ください。誤解が減る可能性が高いです。Edit



上手く 基本的なコミュニケーションを確立した後に、、削除又は注意対象者に、注意や警告をされることを、お勧めいたします。 最低限の信頼関係を築く前に、早急に行うとトラブルが多発する可能性があります。Edit

Feedback from previous casesEdit

Without telling the detail of problem, account owner did not understand what were the all problems regarding deleted uploaded video.

If no one tell the detail of video deletion and account stopping, owner of the account usually restarted without solving some problems.

Thus, it is highly better to tell the account owner, what is your problem regarding deleted videos.

It was found that even copyright holder try to explain by using other NICK NAME, usually account owner blame back at the initial contact.

It may possible that target account owner may think you as some kind of spammer. If you don't tell your normal name and you are the copyright holder, account owner may not understand you are the right person who have copyright of the song.

In such case, you need tell real name or real account name to identify you are the original Producer which have copyright of original song of Vocaloid.

You may need to wait several times for normal communication with the account owner.

The account owner may not know what is the problems for you.

Feedback massage after investigation July 2012(調査によるフィードバックメッセージ)Edit

1) It was found that many copied and re-uploaded videos were already in YouTube WITHOUT permission from original Producer. It may harming the activity of original Producer to start near future in YouTube. It is harming the NEW ORIGINAL creations. It may be asked to delete by original Producer. Please find original PV to view original video which is uploaded by original Producer in YouTube. Please change or add proper URL link in your Website to show original videos from P.Edit

調査の結果、まだPに確認しておられない多数の無断転載状態の動画が見つかりました。これらの動画により、オリジナル作者のPが、近い将来YouTube環境で活動を開始するときに、妨げになる場合があることが判明してきています。 新規の創作の妨げになる場合があります。オリジナル作者のPが、将来削除や修正を求める場合もあるかもしれません。 もしオリジナル作者のPが、YouTubeで活動を開始された場合、オリジナル作者のPの動画を見つけて閲覧してください。 その際、オリジナル作者のPの動画が表示されるように、その他の海外サイトの動画のURLリンクを、適正に追加・修正してください。

2) To the people who make advice and receive advice (アドバイスする方と、される方へ)Edit

It was fond that during the advice and receiving advice for correction or something, many kind of fights and additional problems were generated very often. It may cause mysterious deletion of videos sometime. Thus, this feedback is generated to solve problem in advance.Edit

If original Producer ask to change something or delete video, please make fundamental relationship by communicating ordinary talk for about 1 WEEK before entering the discussion of major problem. It was found that immediate discussion regarding problems usually cause debate and fighting. It was also found that high school and middle school kids were occasionally causing problems in English WebsitesEdit

Even some Japanese people in YouTube tried to make advice to correct something, it was/may recognized as some kind of spam or similar activity due to poor communication skill in English. Please understand that original Producers and some people who is helping them may not use good communication skill in English.Edit

This is not the level of English writing. This is the experience level to understand foreign culture in different language/country. Experience to solve problem is needed for maintaining good communication. Please understand this is not the normal English advice nor conversation anymore.Edit

According to the report, it was also found that some English translator in Japan may cause problem due to aggressive writing during correction. This person may expand problem even poor communication skill in basic English.Edit

If original Producer is visiting you for several reason, please make sure the objective. P may also busy. Please understand Japanese creator may not good at English communication. If a volunteer from Vocaloid community is visiting for your advice or correction, please do not blame back. Please use simple English instead of slung.Edit


If an adviser start blaming or writing negative comment, please stop advising and rest for at lease several days or 1 week. It may cause additional problems. It may cause very bad impression of other advisers too. Please have a fun instead of doing uncomfortable advice.Edit

You can show and use our Website to help understanding and summarize even in poor communication in English. Use several weeks for thinking if the problem is big.Edit


Main Menu+Japanese (日本語メニュー)

もし作者Pさんが、何かの修正や動画の削除を求められる場合、本題に入る前に、最低限の基本的な会話コミニュケーションを英語で確立できるまで、共通の話題や雑談などで[丁寧に]対話をして下さい。いきなり本題を言われた結果、文化相違や語学の問題により、逆切れや無視なども含めて、上手く会話が行われていない場合が多いことが、調査の結果判明しだしてきています。 基本的な信頼関係ができる前に、いきなり本題に入っても、理解してもらえず、会話が失敗に終るケースが多いためです。Edit


基本的に海外の方は、普段からディベートなどを含めて活発に意見・反論することを美徳とされ、国により教育されて求められているなど、異なる文化環境にある場合が多いことを御理解ください。 通常の日本人は、単純な多少の反論を聞いても、逆切れと思ってしまう場合が、多数ありますので、[文化的な相違による]、海外の言葉の理解の違いに事前にご注意ください。これらは、翻訳しても単純には表示されません。





CAUTION (注意)Edit



Please read detail in following pages:
[1] |How to Advice and Receive Advice] 【アドバイスする方と、される方へ】
How to delete or change unwanted video of my song 【自作楽曲の気に入らない動画の訂正及び削除の依頼方法】

Appendix (備考)Edit

Help for International creators, Secondary User and FandomEdit

【国際的に活動されるPさん、クリエイター及びファンの為のページ】 Edit

International Producers【YouTube他の海外サイトで活躍希望されるPさん、アレンジャー 、Artistのヘルプ】

{{ #NewWindowLink: | For International Creators and Fandom}} 【国際的に活動されるPさん、クリエイター及びファンの為のページ】

{{ #NewWindowLink: | Example of Secondary use and Permission}} 【二次創作利用と許可条件の例と説明】

{{ #NewWindowLink: | Instruction for Secondary Use}} 【二次創作利用の手引き】

{{ #NewWindowLink: | Help Viewing Original in English}} 【英語でオリジナル動画を閲覧するためのお願いとヘルプ】

Statements from producers and copyright holders【作者の二次創作ガイドライン表明】Edit

{{ #NewWindowLink: | Guidelines for Secondary Use of Vorcaloid Works }}【作者の二次創作ガイドライン表明 in VFCA】Edit

DaifukuP is making guideline wiki for secondary use to summarize data of Producers.

{{ #NewWindowLink: | Instruction for Making Guidelines for Secondary Use }}Edit


{{ #NewWindowLink: | Vocaloid fans communication assistance (VFCA)}}Edit
The purpose of the website is communication assistance of Vocaloid user and fans.

There are format of Japanese and English letter related to Vocaloid.

E-mail format for the application of secondary use to Japanese creators.

[Help getting permission from Original Producer for re-upload to Youtube after secondary use]
[Help to get permission from Original Producer for translation of video]

How To Use Piapro in English 【ピアプロの使用方法の英語での勉強会】Edit

Crypton made Website call Piapro to enhance "chain of creation". This is the translation of how to register to open an account in Piapro. Some help for understanding how to use Piapro is also include. This page is generated to help getting some idea in English and for studying Piaporo. (Under construction)

Piapro Character License research  【ピアプロ キャラクター ライセンスの勉強会】