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Help for International creators, Secondary User and FandomEdit

【国際的に活動されるPさん、クリエイター及びファンの為のページ】 Edit

International Producers【YouTube他の海外サイトで活躍希望されるPさん、アレンジャー 、Artistのヘルプ】

{{ #NewWindowLink: | For International Creators and Fandom}} 【国際的に活動されるPさん、クリエイター及びファンの為のページ】

{{ #NewWindowLink: | Example of Secondary use and Permission}} 【二次創作利用と許可条件の例と説明】

{{ #NewWindowLink: | Instruction for Secondary Use}} 【二次創作利用の手引き】

{{ #NewWindowLink: | How to get permission from Producer}} 【英語での作者Pさんへの許可の取り方】

{{ #NewWindowLink: | How to find Original Producer}} 【英語での作者Pさんの探し方】

{{ #NewWindowLink: | How to delete or change unwanted video of my song}} 【自作楽曲の気に入らない動画の訂正及び削除の依頼方法】

{{ #NewWindowLink: | Information of Copyright and Credits}} 【作品の著作権者とクレジット情報をまとめるフォーム】

{{ #NewWindowLink: Information of Deletion}} : Format to report deletion or copyright

{{ #NewWindowLink: | Help Viewing Original in English}} 【英語でオリジナル動画を閲覧するためのヘルプとお願い】

{{ #NewWindowLink: | How to View Live Program in Nico Nico Douga}} 【ニコニコ生放送を英語で見て予約するヘルプ】

Statements from producers and copyright holders【作者の二次創作ガイドライン表明】Edit

{{ #NewWindowLink: | Guidelines for Secondary Use of Vorcaloid Works }}【作者の二次創作ガイドライン表明 in VFCA】Edit

DaifukuP is making guideline wiki for secondary use to summarize data of Producers.

{{ #NewWindowLink: | Instruction for Making Guidelines for Secondary Use }}Edit


{{ #NewWindowLink: | Vocaloid fans communication assistance (VFCA)}}Edit
The purpose of the website is communication assistance of Vocaloid user and fans.

There are format of Japanese and English letter related to Vocaloid.

E-mail format for the application of secondary use to Japanese creators.

[Help getting permission from Original Producer for re-upload to Youtube after secondary use]
[Help to get permission from Original Producer for translation of video]

You can also write comment for some help for the international communication.
{{ #NewWindowLink: | Discussion in basic English}} 【英語初級で雑談&相談】Pさんも是非'】⇔Visit First

How To Use Piapro in English 【ピアプロの使用方法の英語での勉強会】Edit

Crypton made Website call Piapro to enhance "chain of creation". This is the translation of how to register to open an account in Piapro. Some help for understanding how to use Piapro is also include. This page is generated to help getting some idea in English and for studying Piaporo. (Under construction)

Piapro Character License research  【ピアプロ キャラクター ライセンスの勉強会】

International Site of Nico Nico Douga/Video.Edit


NicoNico video just started to open English site last year.
Howerever, user may not able to view the comment of original Japanese site.
The account is different from original Japanese site.
Vocaloids Channel maybe similar to MikuBook in YouTube.
It may possible to find the original creation and maybe able to contact to original Producer if you have an account. English Japanese Site
Vocaloids Channel
ranking channel

【The embedding system is already working for Facebook.】Edit

【Facebookでニコニコ動画とNico Nico.comの表示が可能に】

World of Nico (Facebook)
Facebook of Nico

Within the Vocaloid channel, ranking channel is opened including Total ranking, Monthly ranking and Daily ranking. When you open the USER INFO of the original Vocaloid works, It may possible to find the URL info of the Original Producer such as Blog and some additional information. Nico opened the Facebook channel.Nico also opened the Vocaloid channel of Facebook to inform and view original Vocaloid works in Nico Nico Douga/Video. The embedding system is already working for Facebook.

International Sites of Vocaloid 【Vocaloid関連の海外サイト】Edit

[English Version of Hatsune Miku in the Works.] (初音ミク英語版 Vocaloid 3について)

Vocaloid Wiki


YouTube links Song Lists

Hatsune_Miku_Songs allows fans all over the world to recommend their favorite Vocaloid videos