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Highest Quality Latest Edition. Music Video is made. I try to summarize the sub-theme as [scent of rain] related to lyrics.↓READ FOR MORE ↓↓MVを作成してみました.サブテーマを[雨の匂い]でまとめてみようと、歌詞に合わせて細かい工夫を入れましたが、全部は気付きにくいかもしれません。お気軽にコメント下さい。高画質の最新版です。This video is the Latest Edition. Feel free to leave comment




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●[English Explanation] I made new PV. I try to summarize the sub-theme of this video as [scent of rain] related to lyrics. I included many effects and illustrations related lyrics. However, it may some difficult find all details.

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●It is highly recommended to view FULL SCREEN mode on PC due to beautiful resolution of artworks. It is recommended to use over 4GB RAM memory for PC to view Full Screen Mode on over 720p HD video. It’s may also depend on internet connection.

●[English Subtitles] (Translation)= Closed Caption (CC)=(CCボタンでの翻訳表示) English Subtitle (translation) is in Closed Caption (CC). Please press CC button and Setup button (*) to view Subtitle with your language adjustment.

When you use Closed Captions (CC) button to view English Subtitle (translation), subtitle letters are sometime stack (long delay). In such case, please use small video window or turn off Closed Captions (CC). In such case, RAM memory of PC or computer performance may be not enough. Please close all other applications to view smoothly.

●If your computer or device is not enough to view smooth Closed Captions, please view once, and then repeat to view after finishing the end of video.

Other way to view smooth Closed Captions is close your Web browser application. Then, reopen your Web browser application. It partially clear RAM memory (consumption) in of PC.

If you open the video in multiple Tabs on your Web browser application, Closed Captions may sometime stack (long delay) due to too heavy performance of your computer or device.

Credits are shown at the end of this video. Thank You. English Translation by Triple D, with minor adjustments by White

●Please find newest/latest edition if I upgrade, delete or unlist. ●Please subscribe in the case of unlisting or deleting to upgrade by me.

== お気に入りの傑作の大変すばらしいイラストも使用させて頂きました。



Acknowledgement and Contribution (謝辞、お借りしたもの)

Music Video Producer/Director: White

Next Nest: feat. Hatsune Miku Compose, Lyric, Arrange:さつき が てんこもり様 作曲・作詞・編曲 さつき が てんこもり様 (Satsuki ga Tenkomori) : by Tenkomori


Illustration (絵)

39! ツグトク様

時をかけるミクさん itoshige様

COLOR ryo-shi様

滲む青 雨色様

捨てられボカロ 涼風千夜様

(non title) 雨色様

営業終了 らう様

セピア 528様

Ⅰ 528様

forest 528様

嘆キノ雨 konpasu様

雨の夜のお話 たねつき様

あめふらし クロハエ/湯目様

June stormzone様

日曜日 しののか様 (背景:山梔子様)

破狂曲 再うp 真下シカバシタ様

01 片井雨司様

ミク ぐろーず様

光 真下シカバシタ様

リフレクション(素材) nbr様

さくら p2様

Early summer bright day during the rainy season 時雨様

KAITO単体15 アンテサン様

梅雨 IBAN様

ミクさん ネギトロ様

リンク「HATSUNE MIKU マジカルミライ 」

●Special Thanks for Jrharbort Productions/Miku Fan, neutrinoP and Scott at Miku Star and others.

neutrinoP/ Miki Branescu

「GUMI」 君に届くメロディ 「ORIGINAL」 "The melody that reaches you"

Scott at Miku Star (Dedicated to past achievements, contribution, and waiting for coming back sometime)

Thank You == NextNest5a-4 1920to1080 WMM6 HDQ80 24f 200M

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