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Luka kanikanisan 201203071702

By (@蟹)

Educational TV special for VocaloidEdit

Hello Mr. and Mrs. Otaku and all the Yamato-class ships at sea!Edit

The group Symphony of Vocaloid (formerly The Sound of Future) is seeking volunteers to help with our long-term project of producing an educational TV special for Vocaloid!Edit

We need volunteers to:

-Help write script and suggest talking points

-Record narration

-Obtain permissions from song producers, video creators, and software companies

-Help translate communications to/from Japanese

-Demonstrate the Vocaloid software on video

-Compile and edit video

-Mix sound

-Help with closed-captioning

-Provide feedback and screen the show

-Help with copyright/Creative Commons and legal issues

-Burn and ship DVDs

-Submit program to your local public access stations

-Help translate to your language

-Other things we're sure we're forgetting...

Please join us in our Facebook group at:

Or email us:

Thank you!

Reference and AppendixEdit

The group Symphony of Vocaloid (formerly The Sound of Future)

Luka kanikanisan 201203071702

By (@蟹)