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【初音ミク x Gumi English】VOICE~空の声【オリジナル】


NND comment: 日本が理解不能すぎるが好き、訳出前を教えてほしい
(Japanese part is too much impossible to understand. But I like song. Tell me before translation.)

Since Nico Nico video Edition enter best 15 with about 90000 Ad points with over 30 MyList, It is recommended to change/correct YouTube Edition sometime if possible.

Then, put the corrected lyrics in Nico Nico Video by text word. Then, telling upgrade edition in YouTube.

Before Japanese correction



During correction 1




Becareful difference

どしで =Not Good / wrong
どして =relatively OK

= どうして (perfect)


How Japanese listen and understand from song after/during correction.




Initial lyrics


日本語初心者です Here's the lyrics:

Keep your dignity
Do not throw it all away
Someday you will see the fact
In front of your face

- Keep your own story

Do not throw it all away

Say to me

Just say to me

Say something for my sake








-- Oh

Put your faith on me

And save your words for me

A path to my secret


Memo and Scrap

●If you can send me initial English lyrics before translation into Japanese, accuracy of Japanese translation may become better.

I don't understand the original English around



てをのばそう = 手を伸ばそう

means more gentle and meaningful expression of


In addition, いまてをだせ is out of context.

2) YouTube [End screen & Annotations]Edit

sorry for long writing information

A) By the way

Since you are getting many viewers and subscriber by Pink Froid related video on Youtube,

I recommend to use

[End screen & Annotations]


to show your [playlists] at the end (or middle) of Pink Froid related video to introduce/bring viewer to your Vocaloid video,

to simply click to playlist of Vocaloid videos after listening video.

I am sending example setting.

For [End screen & Annotations], you need to set up start point to show at least 5 sec before the end of video. with the exactly same timing.

Here is sample test video by me.

MIKUnopolis S1【Hatsune Miku 初音ミク for OLYMPIC】 Technopolis [v1-3 3000


B) Here is test video and setup data by me.

Next Nest former Edition

(My First former edition video (2017) was shared to other people and Websites.

I don't know how to exchange to latest 2018 video.)

End screen & Annotations

YouTube Help

End screen requirements

Add cards to videos

-- Setup data of this video

Elements used: 2 of 4
Subscribe White30 Pa

Add 2

-- Cards

Cards used: 1 of 5
Playlist 2



As for [cards],

Content ID from Pink Froid related company, probably not set up a campaign (Ad) yet.

YouTube Help

Add cards to videos

How cards can change your content

•If your video has been claimed by [Content ID] and the content owner has set up a campaign, any cards set up by the creator won't be displayed on the video.

Learn more about Content ID.

Sorry for long writing information

I hope this information to set up video end maybe some helpful to you.

RAW DATA related to Nico Nico VideoEdit



【Gumi/グミ English】Believe in love/愛を信じる(オリジナル)

Artwork:りくかんな Link:

Youtube: Niconico: soundcloud:


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【Gumi/グミ English】White Lotus/白の蓮(オリジナル)
Artwork by もりや あこ

投稿日時2018/05/28 12:39


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【Gumi/グミ English】Messenger of night/夜の信使(オリジナル)



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【Gumi English】Empty promise
RNG Silvercraft
Published on Jun 6, 2018
Artwork by つゆり Link:

Youtube: Niconico: soundcloud:


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海外組VOCALOID   【Gumi English】Empty promise

【Gumi English】6630A.D./西暦6630の終焉(オリジナル)【MMD杯ZERO参加動画】


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131位 マイ13  nina  20pm
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【Gumi English】 Knife In

【GUMI】Knife In/ナイフイン【オリジナル】

Watch on Youtube : Artwork by あかむらLink:

2018/09/21 12:55


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【初音ミク x Gumi】VOICE~空の声 (オリジナル)
【初音ミク x Gumi English】VOICE~空の声
RNG Silvercraft

Watch on Youtube:

Published on Oct 8, 2018 Artwork by 3十 Link:


再生413コメ19マイ17広告8,100ptAd-8100 (3800)=Ad投下前:14200:2018-10-18 20am:圏外位:+2,374未満:時間暫定圏外:総合圏外:am data

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Ad Efficiency: 80,700-8100=72600           22,012/72600=0.303

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再生879コメ35マイ26広告88,500ptAd-8100 (80000)=7800投下::2018-10-22 1am:123位:+3,375未満:時間暫定圏外:総合圏外:am
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再生:1,022 コメント:35 マイリスト:30 :2018-10-26 11am

1)Regarding analysis of video Ad effects at NNDEdit

Analyzing the Ad history data from Ad Mypage. You can also check from your Ad history page.

Please find and press

投入履歴(Ad History)

=view result of Ad
of individual Ad

you may also able to see following data at 右下 of [広告結果を見る]

ニコニコ動画ランキング枠(PC) xx views
(click from Nico Nico Video Ranking page) PC

during Best 10-30 ranking renk in time, my and other video is usually have ニコニコ動画ランキング枠(PC)for many/relatively number views.

24時間 総合 ランキング Vocaloid daily ranking

--- 2) In addition, after best 100 rank out, 1 view occsianally need 100 Ad points.
such as

ニコニコ動画視聴ページ枠(PC)1 views
(showing Ad in other video page at the bottom or other page)

Thus, something is causing low efficency of Ad.

renewal edition of automated introductionEdit

Regarding Nico Nico video, renewal edition of automated introduction of new videos in livestrem program function maybe working after upload of new song from 1 week.

クルーズ=cruise function

コニコ動画 世界の新着動画

「新着のボーカロイド動画だけを巡るクルーズ」や 「再生数の高いゲーム実況動画クルーズ」といった 様々な種類のクルーズ番組

New function of Nico Nico Video


Otherwise, Barukan-san's, Asakawa-san's and other person's twitter follower maybe found your video.







ニコ生クルーズで紹介された生放送を紹介します。管理者→@sato961114。非公式です。ニコニコ生放送 ·

I am wondering it may better to write [Original] to your vocaloid video or not.

メグッポイド(megpoid)GUMI community of Nico Nico Video.

I sent you GUMI Official community if you are interested in.

Event and ContestEdit

There was a several contest for Magilai Mirai and Miku Expo to chose main song for that event.from a several months ago.

We all missed that music contest entry since I did not know about. due to too buzy for take care our video sites and other things.

Other person also did not know about the contests.

Actually,there might be in Piapro or somewhere about annoucements every time.

If you also use Miku or Crypton's vocaloid, there are several contests every year.


Other GUMI user Miki Brănescu/neutrino P and I am alredy ented to check before.

Miki Branescu neutrinoP

NeutrinoP knows many official peoples regarding GUMI too, including INTERNT coporation whhich actualy making GUMI Vocaloid.

But, did brain cancer surgery the end of this may.


I sent you GUMI Official community if you are interested in.


Regarding next Contest

There is official contest for GUMI song by INTERNT coporation to sold [ALL OF YOUR FUTURE SONGS] in VOCALOTRACKS label store automatically.

But, I don't recommend since they did not do any promotion to video such as YouTube ,Nico Nico Video or Bilibili.

Therefore, I am helping Miki Branescu/neutrinoP to find out how to introduce video in YouTube or Nico Nico video.

Even a musician won this GUMI contest, the musician lost opportunity to apply all other contest due to automatic official sold such as iTunes, Amazon.

Condition is [ALL OF YOUR FUTURE SONGS] will be sold automatically in VOCALOTRACKS (without any promotion). (The same as Miki Branescu/neutrinoP)

Thus, Did not recommended even starting from May.

There was big Music contest from SONY in the begging from this year. But the condition is not officially sold.

Thus, I was not possible to recommend Miki Branescu/neutrinoP to entry to the SONY music contest.

It was 10 winner were get 100,0000 Yen per applicant and promoted from SONY Music.

I think you can read following Japanese by automatic translation from Facebook posted by official GUMI page.

6月26日のVOCALOID Megpoid(GUMI)の発売9周年を記念して、ボーカロイドミュージック配信専用レーベル「VOCALOTRACKS」では、VOCALOID Megpoid(GUMI)が歌うオリジナル曲を募集! 世界へ向けて全曲配信手続きを行います。


Following is the direct application page to submit 3 song maximum by single person/group.

Song submission entry will be closed on 15pm of July 2.

Miki Branescu/neutrinoP won this kind of contest to became official demo song writer of GUMI V3.

I am not sure is there rejection condition exist for [ALL OF YOUR FUTURE SONGS] not to sold by VOCALOTRACKS.

6月26日のVOCALOID Megpoid(GUMI)の発売9周年を記念して、ボーカロイドミュージック配信専用レーベル「VOCALOTRACKS」では、VOCALOID Megpoid(GUMI)が歌うオリジナル曲を募集! 世界へ向けて全曲配信手続きを行います。


Miki Branescu/neutrinoP told me he was doing something every year related to GUMI and INTERNET Co. events.

I found mis understanding.

I found Official GUMI account is introducing Miki Branescu/neutrinoP 's song to sell on VOCALOTRACKS label.

Main propose is NOT promotion of YouTube or Nico Nico Video.

When people saw Youtube, they don't buy song from Apple store, Amazon and other store.

But, anyway it was not effective.

Thus, we were wondering and trying to find how to introduce song.

Following the example of introduction Directly from Official GUMU account

New song "Kimi Ni Todoku Melody feat.GUMI / neutrinoP" that GUMI sings was released on "VOCALOTRACKS".

I am not sure is there rejection condition exist for [ALL OF YOUR FUTURE SONGS] not to sold by VOCALOTRACKS.

●Since I put long response in message due to several topics.

It is possible to view from all message button to view chat in one full window page.

Does this Full window page work for you to view back chat in single page?